Episode 18.5: Black Rednecks & White Liberals Part 3

In this part of the story, we really get into the cultural clash of Northern & Southern Black Americans and what that meant to the greater society. During the Great Migration of 1900,  almost two million black southerners moved up north, a lot of them also bringing the infamous Redneck Culture. These cultural behaviors would soon prove to be overall detrimental to the progression of Black America.

In the decades leading up to this mass migration, life for Black Americans in the north was vastly improving. Education, occupation and solid family rates were rising with every year. Laws in which Black Americans were granted rights like voting and housing were being voted in by a white majority, signaling that the race relations in America were also improving.

This is largely due to the culture of northern blacks who were taught a different, better way of life. This way of life made it easy for northern blacks to treat their southern counterparts much differently. “Vulgar”, “Rowdy”, “Unwashed”, and “Criminal” were just a few of the terms northern blacks used to describe the behavior of southern blacks.

Historian Carter G. Woodson, writing in observance of this migration said: “The maltreatment of the Negro will be nationalized by this Exodus.” This is because of the sheer number of black southerners (who were 90% of the Black American population) coming in and overwhelming both whites and blacks in the north. Discrimination would be all but inevitable.

By 1911 there were strict housing discrimination laws cast against the black population in Baltimore, Maryland, and other northern cities. Schools in the Northern and Midwestern states who lived free of Jim Crow laws decades prior were now being severely segregated because of this migration. Racism and the violence that came along with racism grew in the north as well.

Crime, out-of-wedlock children, low education and poor living standard rates grew as more and more southerners moved north, sparking turmoil and a huge retrogressive culture that would hold Black America back for decades to come. These things would also drive a wedge between northern and southern blacks for generations.

As time moves forward we find ourselves in the 1960’s or the “Civil Rights Era” of American history. This is the era in which the black masses are introduced to the White Liberal and their intellectual view of Black American culture. This meeting is by far one of the most detrimental relationships black people have made since the institution of chattel slavery.

Before the Civil Rights Era, between 1940-1960, the percent of black families with incomes officially below the poverty line fell from 87% to 47%. This was due to southern blacks gaining education and occupation as time pressed on, acculturating themselves to the new social climate of the north. Again, racial barriers began to naturally drop after World War II, sports being the largest example.

White Liberals observed the Black Redneck culture and made concessions and provisions to facilitate and perpetuate those behaviors in the black community. This is made very clear with the implementation of the “War on Poverty” or the “Welfare State” which would incentivize Americans, specifically Black Americans to not strive for more than the bare minimum.

If you could make the same amount of money essentially doing nothing as you would if you worked a 20-Hour work week, why would you actively seek employment? This is just one question that I know millions of Americans have been faced with, past and present. The minimum wage laws would also be a problem for Black American communities. Instead of providing the community’s youth with their first jobs, black business owners simply could not afford to pay the minimum wage to every employee.

Instead of paying 4 employees $1 an hour for their inexperienced work, business owners could only afford to pay 1 employee $4 an hour. A quadrupling of costs would hurt any local business and when the local economy suffers, the crime rates tend to rise significantly. The less young men and women working, the more they would find themselves turning to crime to make money.

The Welfare State would also condone the criminal behavior by their lax law enforcement. Police officers would either let the crime run rampant (in fear of being publically reprimanded by white liberals) or used excessive force (which would always end in being publically reprimanded). Being made”wrong” for whatever you do would sabotage the relationship between police officers and Black Americans. This was all the ideas of the White Liberal.

White Liberals approached the black community with the mindset of “what can we do to save black people from themselves?” and it has only exacerbated the problem by not holding black people accountable for their actions and then going to blame white society for their shortcomings. White Liberals made it okay for black people to stay complacent in their failure.

In conclusion, I truly believe that in order for Black Americans to be great again, we must do away with the redneck culture and the “outside” people that promote the behavior. Black people in America are not powerless victims who don’t know right from wrong. We are intelligent, innovative, highly capable human beings in one of the most prosperous nations in the world. At the end of the day, it all boils down to which culture you choose to live by.

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Do you think Welfare was necessary for black people? Are White Liberals helping the black community? How would you have dealt with the Great Migration if you were a native born Northern Black America? Discuss it on Twitter @RebelliousIntel or in the comments below.

Order your copy of “Black America, Inc.: A Trillion Dollar Nation”  by A.R. Morton & “Black Rednecks & White Liberals” by Thomas Sowell.