Episode 19: The God Body & Masculinity 

As a man, it is a must that you get your body in order. If you’re a husband, father, or even a big brother you have to be in a shape. A man who does not love himself cannot love another.

It is a fact that your abilities as a man is hindered when you’re out of shape. You can’t run as fast, you can’t carry as much, your endurance and stamina plummet, and overall confidence suffers as well.

Health & Fitness is becoming a less attractive topic among 21st century men. Studies show that Millennial Men have weaker grips than their fathers. It is a fact we are raising “softer” men.

Being Hotep in mind, you can connect dots that may not be plainly visible. In this case it would be the emasculation of men. These young men are a new brand of male in 2017.

Women, particularly Feminists have been campaigning for more feminine men. My hypothesis is that their misandry is ultimately reversing the gender roles of society. 

For a few years now, (black) male masculinity has been on the chopping block of discussion and the consensus is that our masculinity is toxic. These people will use every rape and murder statistic they can get their hands on, but they often leave out a key point.

Most rapists and murders come out of fatherless homes. Meaning it is the absence of masculinity that is the true culprit, not just masculinity itself. Feminists ignore these facts for their convenience.

How does this tie into physical fitness and health? A consequence of demonizing masculinity is that you also demonize the image of the masculine man, who is usually in physical shape. Having muscles is deemed as a threat.

When this happens, because an enormous part of our lives is to find a compatible mate, the desire for the masculine man shrinks among young women. This gives men the incentive to become more feminine in lifestyle.

Couple that with the facts that 1) most black households are ran by single women, and 2) that soy (a high estrogen source) is in ALL the foods, you see how influential femininity is in a young black boy’s life.

This is why eating right and being physically fit is not only imperative to your health, it is the foundation of what makes you a man. You can’t afford to be flabby and sick, b.

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