Episode 18: PC Culture

When did everyone become so sensitive? Why does it seem like everything we used to laugh at, listen to, or believe in as been deemed offensive? According to this week’s guest Censored Sam, it started with the murder of Trayvon Martin.

This growing group of people have created a subculture of shouting down and silencing opinions (and sometimes even facts) that go against their ideals. College campuses have been extremely instrumental in facilitating and nurturing this way of discourse. This influences an entire generation of young people who are learning how to maneuver through the world.

Offense is taken, not given. Meaning that I could call you every name in the book, curse your family, and disregard all your requests for me to stop, and you’d STILL have the choice to be offended or not. It just so happens that people would rather be offended.

The fact of the matter is that people get a rush of dopamine whenever they log on to their respective (social) media feeds and see something that outrages them. After a while, this becomes addicting in which people will start seeking out the outrage to satisfy their habit.

In the end, it is not inherently bad to have people be mindful of other people’s sensibilities while having a conversation, and then be corrected if an offense is taken. There is no need to intentionally disrespect someone. However, it should not be a crime if someone says something that you don’t agree with. This goes for ALL people, not just “SJWs” or “Liberals”. Everyone needs to toughen up.

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