Because I have a hard time reliving my past (which is basically a fancy way of saying “I am choosing not to”) I am going to start my blog with the most recent podcast episode to date. Black Rednecks & White Liberals is an amazing book on the history of black and white race relations in this country dating back to the 17th Century. I chose to create a podcast series on it because I knew that most people did not know this history and it was clear when observing the behaviors of both races in America.

As children, we were taught that racism was the driving force for all things done to, for, and by black people in the United States, good or bad. Teachers told us the Black American story began as helpless slaves in a land dominated by racist white men. This broad brush stroke of history does not tell the whole story.

Did you know that there were Free Black Americans in this country dating back to the 17th Century ( and beyond)? You may not have been taught that Black Americans Owned Slaves, or that the United States imported only 6% of all African slaves. These 3 simple facts provide more context than all of the U.S History classes I took in K-12.

The biggest truth that was hidden from us was the creation, migration, and perpetuation of undoubtedly one of the worst behavioral patterns on Earth: Redneck Culture. Starting in the British Isles in the 15th Century, North Britons, Scottish Highlanders, and Irishmen alike would show pride in their violent, criminal, immoral, ignorant lifestyles and would soon bring it to the southern region of the United States.

At its height through the 17th and 19th centuries, Redneck Culture would go on to influence roughly 90% of the Black American population. Traits ranging from work ethic, family life, religion, sex, education, and commerce were largely exhibited through the actions of the White Rednecks. This culture was so prevalent in the Black Americans lifestyle that as a collective was adopted as their own.

Most of the things that people view as “authentically black” has a very high chance of being birthed from White Redneck Culture. Historically, these traits have set Black Americans back for centuries and it is imperative we understand exactly what they are and how we can provide solutions to the problem. It is clear that we must completely abandon our Redneck Culture.

If you’re interested in learning more listen to the full episode here.

What are some traits of the Redneck Culture do you practice? What are ways we can start abandoning Redneck Culture? Is Redneck Culture too apart of the Black American identity to abandon in the 21st Century and beyond? Discuss below in the comment section or on Twitter @RebelliousIntel

P.S If you haven’t read the legendary “Black Rednecks & White Liberals” by Thomas Sowell, please do yourself a favor and purchase wherever it is sold.

P.S.S Make sure you also buy a copy of the amazing book “Black America, Inc.: A Trillion Dollar Nation” by A.R. Morton while you’re at it.

Stay Intelligent. Stay Rebellious.


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