Stay Intelligent. Stay Rebellious.

Welcome to the Intelligent Rebellion

Good Morning, good afternoon, and good evening you Intelligent Rebellious people!

Welcome to the Intelligent Rebel Squadcast, where the truth lives. After building influence on social media, specifically on Twitter, it would only make sense to create our own platform to deliver the content you love with so much more detail. We will now have corresponding Blog Posts with each podcast episode.

The blog posts will be full of resources, tools, and researchable material from the episodes, which will allow for even more context and room for discussion and enlightenment. Our posts will also touch on pertinent topics and developments going on around the world to make sure we all are properly informed.

So if you’re hungry for knowledge, a fan of the truth, and love podcasts then the Intelligent Rebel Squadcast is here for you. And as always… Stay Intelligent. Stay Rebellious. Squad.